Blacklane drives Amadeus

Jens Wohltorf

Co-founder and CEO, Blacklane

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The word “travel” originates from “travail,” due to the difficulty in previous eras of completing a journey. The word evoked the toil and hardship of reaching your destination.


Of course, that meaning is as antiquated now as a cross-country trip on horseback. But it does point to the goal of travel companies: to alleviate the pains and troubles of getting from A to B.

Not thinking about the journey

After all, the goal of travel is rarely for travelling itself. Our customers have business obligations or personal reasons to venture to a new location. Our job, therefore, is to make travel so easy that their only thoughts are on the reason for the trip: the meeting, accommodation or leisure activities in the new destination.

That’s why we are so excited about partnering with Amadeus. Our integration will make it just as easy to book the first and last miles of travellers’ journeys – mainly rides to and from airports – as it is to book flights. Customers can reserve a professional driver at lowest rates around the world.

Just like with hotels and flights, customers will know the full and final price in advance. They can choose the exact time and service class they want. They will get a consistent, safe and reliable experience wherever they travel. Just as importantly, they will have their professional driver reservations available with every other element of their trips, in email, on mobile apps and in their calendars.

In short, travellers will lose the biggest remaining travail of booking their trips. Everyone in the travel ecosystem wins.

Door-To-Door Experience

  • Travellers, first and foremost, because they get a true door-to-door reserved trip at their fingertips.
  • Travel agencies and airlines, because they can offer a new valuable service to their customers and add new revenues.
  • Professional drivers around the world, because they get access to new passengers and can therefore better utilize their excess capacities.

Jens Wohltorf, Co-Founder & CEO, Blacklane and Peter Altmann, Head of Amadeus Cars and Transfers (right).

Together, Blacklane and Amadeus aim to shape industry standards on integrating professional driver services into a complete travel experience. This is an incredibly exciting time not only in ground transportation, but in travel in general. Customers are receiving new options to ease their journeys. The missing link in the chain of travel reservations is closed.

Have a look at the press release for more information on our partnership.


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