BCD Travel Senegal uses real time data for 360 degree view of business activity

Racine Ba

Deputy Managing Director, BCD Travel, Senegal

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When BCD Travel formed a partnership with World Voyages, the Senegal-based leisure travel agency, in 2009 – we did so with a clear objective: to evolve the business into a corporate travel agency


As an emerging travel market, Senegal presented specific challenges. Much of our initial work was in educating clients and prospects about the very specific benefits of working with a corporate travel agency, as opposed to the more commonly understood offer of a leisure travel agency.

Another challenge was the time consuming and inefficient process of manually monitoring data on a daily basis, which invariably resulted in the loss of important business insights. Strategic decisions on consultant performance standards were being made with outdated information and unreliable data on. This led us to recognise the critical need to boost productivity by improving, managing, and monitoring travel consultant performance more effectively.

We identified a need for a tool that could manage data from multiple sources and providers, and turn it into truly useful information to help us service our clients better.

The Amadeus Regional Solution Centreempowered us with a business intelligence solution –Amadeus Agency Insight – Productivity Tracker- a solution designed specifically for the African market and it fulfilled our needs by providing us with real time information to help make quick strategic decisions with one, easy, holistic view. Now, we are able to plan more effectively and better manage the performance of travel consultants.

Since we started using the tool, consultant productivity and compliance has been enhanced by 60% to 90%. The solution is currently being deployed across our operations and has already shown value for at least 80% of the staff.

We’re confident that with Amadeus as our partner it would be easy to deploy Productivity Tracker in other markets with similar positive results. I invite you to have a look at this business case study which provides insights on how BCD Travel Senegal gains invaluable insight into our business with this powerful and adaptable data management tool.


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