BaarbPro: How a fledgling B2B startup made an impact in the online travel space

Barbara Parshall

CEO, BaarbPro

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For most startups in the online travel space, even if you're sitting on a great idea, it's always difficult to break through the clutter and make your presence felt. I know this from personal experience. As CEO of BaarbPro - a B2B company that helps deliver hyper-relevant hotel and vacation rental results that match travelers' preferences, I am fully aware of the value we bring to the table. The challenge though is that if we don't have access to a network or platform that can help widen our reach, we are limiting ourselves before we even begin. 

In terms of our product, we are proud of the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology we have developed that enables travel sites to make personalized recommendations to travelers helping them find what they want as quickly as possible. Yet typical to any startup, we’ve had our ups and downs along the way.

The realization that we can and do impact large travel organizations and top brands in the industry really hit home when we won the OAG Award for AI Innovation in the travel industryat the 2018 Phocuswright Conference, an annual event that brings together some of the most influential thinkers in the industry including TripAdvisor, Expedia, Google, Airbnb, Hilton, IBM, OYO, MakeMyTrip and more. This recognition showed us that industry leaders are excited about what we’re building and see the value that our solution brings to industry players and travelers. What a great honor, and to give credit where it's due, this is due in part to the opportunities we have received through partnering with Amadeus. 

I founded BaarbPro in 2016, and we started working with Amadeus in 2017 and it's been an amazing, dynamic partnership so far. For one, it has helped us make connections with both investors and partners – a huge advantage for any startup looking to make it in the travel industry. Two, the opportunity to work with Amadeus’ development team and get involved with some of the API development has been a true knowledge sharing exercise. On the one hand, it was very informative for us to learn how to work with the APIs, and on the other, we were providing Amadeus valuable feedback for the development of the interface. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the access to a superior platform and very experienced people to work with helped guide us on our journey. 

The Amadeus Travel Platformis like no other in the market today, and on top of that – its people are fantastic too! The support offered by Amadeus for startupshas been of tremendous value and we're grateful for our partnership, and the doors its opened for us – allowing a small startup like BaarbPro make a big impact! 

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