Automated check-in is the way forward!

David Larvin

Head of Airline IT, Departure Control, Amadeus IT Group

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Check-in is probably one of the most tedious airport processes we have to go through. Standing in long queues, clock-watching as precious time ticks by, greeted by over-stretched handling staff - and all that to get an assigned seat and a boarding card.

Self-service check-in is evolving

Thank goodness self-service check-in is becoming more the norm and is increasingly available across a variety of channels including: online, at airport kiosks and via mobile devices. With a confirmed booking, we now have the luxury of choosing where we sit from an interactive seat map, and can go on to print/scan our boarding pass. Simple, efficient and above all, a more pleasurable start to the passenger journey.

By 2016, automated check-in will represent 15% of all check-ins! *

Taking the concept of self-service one step further, Amadeus has launched automated check-in for airlines hosted on Altéa Departure Control. Fully integrated into Altéa Self-Service Check-In, this option makes the check-in process even easier.

How does it work? About twenty-four hours prior to departure (timing is configurable by the airline), eligible passengers are automatically checked in and receive an email or SMS with their boarding pass. Should their travel plans have changed, they can easily modify or cancel their check-in through mobile or web channels, ensuring fewer no-shows for the airline.

If not, check-in has already taken place! For airlines, this means reduced staffing costs, but more importantly displays great innovation and excellent customer service. In addition, customers’ contact details can also be re-used for other purposes, such as disruption notification.

How has Automated Check-In been received? According to Kari Pauro, Manager, Customer Service applications, Finnair IT:

Automated check-in has been well received by our customers, who just love the easy “nothing-to-do” solution. After arriving at the airport, the customer just goes to bag drop or directly to the gate. The solution is working well and Finnair is looking forward to further Altéa enhancements.

We will continue to advance the self-service experience

Automated check-in is just the first step to managing complete customer notification and control in an automated airport environment. Amadeus will continue to evolve the Altéa Suite to develop passenger-centric solutions which provide a smoother, faster, more seamless journey across customer touch-points. To find out more, please check our Airline Solutions website.

* Results from an Amadeus survey conducted with Altéa Self-Service Check-in airline customers.


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