Making a leap to the land down under – Australian NSW TrainLink integrated into Amadeus’ community IT platform

Thomas Drexler

Director of Rail and Ground Travel, Amadeus IT Group

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This platform brings fresh air to an industry used to the status quo. It is capable of running all end-to-end rail processes, from managing schedules, fares and inventory information as well as booking, ticketing, after sales, payment, reporting and settlement. The community model concept means we develop and host applications for several rail companies to share in common and benefit from the resulting synergies.

nsw trainlink

At the last Amadeus Rail Forumwe saw how the rail world came together to discuss and debate on the future of the industry with a keen eye on making borderless rail travel a reality. Earlier this year Amadeus proposed one solution to this aim: the community IT platformjointly built with BeNe Rail.

The Rail Forum in picturesque Vienna saw European players take center stage. Now though, we have jumped continents to the land down under, to New South Wales. Our latest collaboration on this front has been with NSW TrainLink, an Australian train and coach operator, which we already had ties with since 2008 when the rail provider became a customer of Amadeus as a result of acquiring the Rail IT firm OneRail. With this new deal, NSW TrainLink will migrate to Amadeus’ rail community IT platform, a part of Amadeus’ Total Rail solution.

What does this news actually mean though to the rail world? For one, it will help develop the Australian rail industry by providing tangible benefits to all stakeholders – cost and time efficiencies directly to NSW TrainLink which reflect with improved on-time performance, less waits and a smoother experience to the traveller. Beyond this, it will open up a world of possibility for NSW TrainLink to focus on the traveller, permitting investment in additional services that can enrich the whole rail experience.

It also solidifies the value of our IT platform to the rail industry, as well as reassuring our commitment to growing Rail beyond Europe, in Asia Pacific. The comprehensive Rail IT toolkit we provide NSW TrainLink is also fully aligned with their new business strategy to focus on the customer. The community approach means all rail providers associated with our IT platform, including NSW TrainLink, will take advantage of the continuous innovation of our systems, be it through upgrades or improvements. This is part of Amadeus’ vision: to have a shared rail IT space that strives for the perfect door-to-door travel experience.

We are eager for more railways to take part in this vision and invite them to experience the community IT platform on the Amadeus Rail website.


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