Attention all travel managers: save up to 23% in T&E costs!

Luc Pannecoeck

General Manager, Amadeus Benelux

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It is clear that travel managers face challenges in achieving cost-efficient travel procurement, but it is possible to make important savings in the T&E budget without compromising on business objectives.


Further to our recentBlogpost, we can now bring you the full details of research conducted by the consultancy company Hermes and commissioned by Amadeus. The white paper “Corporate Travel Management in Western Europe: Opportunities and Challenges” looks at current travel management practices and gives concrete recommendations to help optimise travel spend.


It is important to have a defined travel policy in place, which is enforced within the organisation. The report highlights specific strategies which can have an immediate impact on cost containment:

  • consolidating business trips to make more efficient use of employee time
  • encouraging wide-spread adoption of the corporate online booking tool to better manage and track travel spend

7 out of 10 travel managers plan to reduce spending by 25% but do not have a clear strategy to achieve this. Are you one of them?

Should you be spending time negotiating discounted fares, or encouraging your company's frequent travellers to use an online booking tool?  Empowering travel managers to take tough decisions to optimise travel spend is key.

We invite you to read thefull reportor use thisinfographicto learn more about the recommendations put forward by Hermes Consulting.


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