ASKY Airlines supports development in Africa and beyond

Nowel Ngala

Commercial Director, ASKY Airlines

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ASKY Airlines embodies the spirit of Africa in everything from our name to our colours. We aspire to share this spirit with the world as an international airline featuring excellent quality service. We also want to support economic activities through the creation of new air transport routes in Africa at competitive rates, while contributing to the development of tourism within Africa and the world over.

Nowel Ngala, ASKY Airlines
Nowel Ngala, ASKY Airlines

We’ve made great strides towards these goals since we began operations in 2010, but there are challenges to overcome in Africa, including operational costs, government support, and airport infrastructure. At ASKY Airlines, we’re confident that these challenges can be overcome with cooperation from all players in Africa’s travel industry.

Technology too will play an important role in surmounting these challenges and our partnership with Amadeus is a prime example of this. Currently, Amadeus’ distribution solutions are helping us extend our selling capabilities in Africa, while simultaneously giving us access to high yield corporate travellers. Cooperation like this will undoubtedly be even more vital in the future as we continue to build upon our brand promise.

Our name literally means ‘Africa SKY’ and we write it in capital letters to embody the strength, robustness, and authority which we intend to demonstrate in the skies of Africa. While there may be trials ahead, we’re optimistic that Africa’s aviation industry is filled with opportunities to not only connect the continent to the world, but also bring prosperity to its people.

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