Asian travellers want big sights and matching applications to boot

Malek Nejjai

Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus IT Group

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Data from our future of travel report supports this. It shows the Chinese are the most likely to choose a destination based on its sightseeing potential.

Although domestic travel represents a larger portion of the market in India and China, mass-market travel is still maturing. Unlike their counterparts in the West, Asian travellers continue to want the big attractions and the big sights.

Following up on a previous post, which listed the Top 5 appealing product conceptsfor travellers, we found that it is likely Asian tourists will be very receptive to a different, more functional and less individually-tailored type of application that enhances their sightseeing experience while they are travelling.

Overwhelmingly, the most popular concept among Chinese travellers in our survey was “an application that overlays visual information about the physical world around you through your mobile device” (80% found it very or extremely appealing).

It’s hard to underestimate the potential of the Asian market. According to previous forecastsby Amadeus and Oxford Economics, Asian travellers will account for one third of travel spending by 2020 – up from 21% today.

What do you think will be the key technologies to enable this move to the next generation travel experience?


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