Five blockbuster videos of Asia Pacific travellers that show what they really think when travelling

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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We sat down with a variety of travellers from all over Asia Pacific to hear their take on travel. Our Amadeus Travel Lounge series featured everyone from Chinese millennial travellers to Australian ‘fly-in fly-out’ workers. These interviews revealed what was confirmed by our Journey of Me Insights: a uniform ‘Asia Pacific traveller’ doesn’t really exist. With this research in mind, here are a few videos you should check out now to get a better idea about the motivations of travellers in Asia Pacific on a personal level.

Gong Xiaoyun, China

Xiaoyun is a middle class millennial traveller with a big appetite for adventure. She takes a much more different view of travel – one that is based on an eagerness to explore the world outside of China on her own terms.

Jill & Simon, Australia

For Jill and Simon, travel is an immense part of their lives. Due to the demanding nature of their job, they like to make most of holidays by enjoying 5-star experiences that they take advantage of through special deals.

Vibhuti Kashyap, India

India’s massive population is embracing travel and fuelling growth in Asia Pacific. Vibhuti Kashyapis a senior who’s a bit different than many Indian travellers that have a thirst for luxury.

Edgar, Philippines

Edgar is a young travel bloggerand photographer who spends three to four hours a day on social media. He sees it as an indispensable way to communicate with his followers in real time for travel suggestions and tips

Hendric, Singapore

Hendric is a young, social traveller who’s been to more than 40 countries. He’s big into sharing his experiences with friends and producing content for his travel blog while he’s on the go.

Have a look at all of our Amadeus Travel Lounge Videos and be sure to download a copy of our Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific travellers want research.


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