Amadeus & Arrive Agencies: Business travel makes business happen

Annika Hultgren

CEO, Arrive Agencies

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With digital technologies changing the face of business travel, customers are setting higher demands for advanced solutions, requesting a wide range of travel and accommodation options, price transparency and personalization. They’re also insisting that travel is booked in accordance with their corporate travel policy and guidelines. At the same time, corporations are seeking better value from travel spend. So for business travel agencies, having the right technology to deliver travel content to travelers so they can get the most out of their business trip is key. 

This is why we decided to partner with Amadeus and sign a five-year agreement to implement several of its solutions. We’ll be implementing NDC-enabled solutions such as Selling Platform Connect and Travel API, Amadeus Value Hotels, and will gain access to the market’s most comprehensive travel content though the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Since Amadeus’ shift from a global distribution system to a Live Travel Space, its technology, underpinned by the Amadeus Travel Platform, gives business travel agencies access to all the content we need, with NDC pivotal to its strategy. The combination of its technology and people helps us improve productivity and differentiate the services we can provide to our customers.

Our travel agent customers have strong local Scandanvian roots, reputable brand names, and we need to ensure they not only have access to great technology but content that will allow them to build competitive offerings with significant added value. Going forward, our partners will offer travelers the exact trips when and how they want, strengthening their offering and satisfying the increasingly differentiated needs that exist among the global travelers of both today and the future.


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