Are open source systems the same as cloud based computing?

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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The relationship between open source systems and cloud computing technology – while closely connected can also lead people to thinking that the two are the same.


It’s easy to be confused by the lingoassociated with cloud computing technology as there are many related acronyms with complex meanings – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and BPaaS – just to name a few.

The short answer to the question posed – no –open source systems are not the same as cloud based computing.

Our Open for businessreport references the relationship which has closed, proprietary systems at one side and full public cloud at the other. Open systems are a key part of that relationship and, in some cases, the journey towards full cloud based computing.

Open systems have been implemented as part of a hybrid private cloud approach, which means that our customers can benefit from the advantages of cloud computing, without any of the associated risks such as a lack of audit and compliance traceability.

For more on open source systems and cloud based computing – be sure to check out this easy to understand animated infographicand leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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