Applying fashion logic to hotel booking

Sandy Brckovich

Commercial Manager, Hotel Solutions, Amadeus UK & Ireland

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If you want to win a girl’s heart and you’re setting up a new home all it takes is one thing: a walk-in wardrobe. Enough space for clothes and shoes for every occasion. Okay, I never said it was going to be easy. Why is that so appealing? For two key reasons: (1) it has room for expansion – so you never need throw anything out to make room for new items and (2) it is all in one place.


What works for grand designs and fashion also works for booking hotels. There are so many sources of content, each with a different colour and purpose depending on whether you’re booking for business, leisure, city break or resort. Until now, it has been virtually impossible to find what you’re looking for in one place.

That’s why I’m excited about the latest developments in Amadeus Hotels. In true marketplace style, Amadeus has made it easier than ever to compare hotel aggregators and hotel chains on a single screen within Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus e-Travel managementand Amadeus Web Services.

Now, the traditional hotel booking display has been expanded from a pure reservations platform to a ‘multisource’ marketplace. It has been designed to enable travel agencies to provide the best offer to their customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Built for agency profitability, it supports any hotel content, any point of sale and any business model.

Travellers are constantly looking for the best deal. So a popular reason for choosing to book with a travel professional is their ability to deliver on value and choice. This expanded hotel solution brings bedbank content alongside GDS hotel content to offer more than 690,000 shopping options – all in one place. What’s more, bookings are fully integrated into the Amadeus Passenger Name Record, so there is no need to waste time duplicating effort by creating passive hotel segments.

To help UK travel sellers make the most of the opportunities that come from selling hotel rooms, we recently launched a campaign to ensure that all of our customers understand how easy it is to access this new, enriched hotel content on a single screen within Amadeus Selling Platform. Amadeus users across our market have been invited to attend free online training and have been given tips on how to sign-up and make the most of the solution. There is also a website with lots of useful information including handy ‘how to’ videos.

Interest is high. 76% of the travel consultants we’ve spoken to so far want to sign up or learn more.

Like that walk-in wardrobe, Amadeus users and their customers will be thoroughly spoilt for choice from day one. This new all-in-one, flexible solution also offers room for future expansion with even more content to be added over time. For further information on how Amadeus’ new innovative approach to hotel bookings will benefit your business visit www.amadeus.com/hotelsmarketplacetoday.


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