Amazing images of global flight paths highlights evolution of travel

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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Aside from the beauty of the images - and the striking way in which they show an outline of each continent without any need for an underlying map outline - I was struck by just how closely they reflect the research data we recently published from our Air Traffic Intelligence Solution.

Airconomy Infographic
Global air traffic trends

Have a look at these intricate visualizations on the BBC’s website which were created by Michael Markieta of the global engineering and design firm Arup.

You can see that the images mimic the hard data from our research – with emerging markets in South America (6% growth in 2012), the increasing importance of the Middle East as a travel hub (DXB, DOH, AUH have collective growth rate of 20% when serving Europe and Asia traffic), and the continuing reign of Asia as the leader of air travel growth (up 9% in 2012).

It’s also interesting to see these cumulative air travel routes brought to life – much like in our web-based interactive content map where you can really delve into the direct flights departing from 3,736 airports around the world.

The images are poignant when contrasted with Pan Am’s 1955 map of international flight services – which is scarcely populated in comparison.