Amadeus closes 2013 with the leading portfolio of airport ground handlers

Yannick Beunardeau

Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Today, ground handlers face increasing challenges to operate efficiently within an airport environment. They must engage with a number of different airline DCSs (Departure Control Systems) every day – sometimes one handling firm will have staff using 20 different systems. The complexity of pairing ground handler’s systems with the airline's own specific business rules leads to high IT operational costs and productivity issues for ground handlers. Also, different airline systems lead to the need of hiring more ground handling staff, low flexibility and high training costs. As I mentioned a couple of months ago at an airport conference in London, the only way that airports can operate efficiently is to ensure all airport stakeholders have accurate, up-to-date information about flights, delays, and when necessary, contingency plans. This of course includes ground handlers, whose use of ground handling resources could still be much improved, and in turn, their profitability as well. The lack of seamless information sharing amongst airport stakeholders, including both airlines and passengers, means that ground handlers cannot always anticipate operational changes and meet stakeholders’ demands.

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More and more ground handlers across the world are looking to overcome challenges they have in these areas and obtain efficiencies not just to improve their profitability but also to ensure their survival. As a result, they face the need to migrate to a new departure control system which can help solve these issues and grow their business, but also to improve collaboration across the airport and the passenger experience as a whole.

In the space of three years, 55 ground handlers across the world, including the top six worldwide, have found inAmadeus Altéa Ground Handlerthe answer to overcoming a great deal of their operational challenges. This achievement today means that Amadeus has the leading portfolio of ground handlers signed to its Departure Control System (DCS) across all continents.

Amongst the most recent newcomers to Amadeus’ ground handling community are Celebi Austria, Tallinn Airport, dnata, Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) in the Middle East, ATA Italia, Goldair Handling, Menzies, one of the largest ground handlers in the world based in the UK, and ASIG in the U.S. Additional ground handlers who have signed on include Aéroport du Cameroun (ADC), the first partner in Africa, BAGS (Thailand) and SATS in Asia.

These agreements prove that ground handlers are increasingly looking for a technology partner with the IT expertise, global reach and long list of airline customers to work with, all of these being factors which can drive their competitiveness in the airport environment. Our customers have decided that Amadeus is the ideal partner after ticking all of these boxes.