Amadeus welcomes DoT ruling on Resolution 787

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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The tentative approval offered today by the Department of Transportation for IATA’s Resolution 787 is a tentative  move in the right direction and reflects industry cooperation. And it should be another milestone on the path towards the development of an enhanced distribution capability that is to the benefit of the entire travel industry: from passengers and agents to airlines and technology providers.

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Such an outcome has not always been likely, but the cooperation between IATA and Open Allies that produced a number of conditions to Resolution 787 submitted jointly to the DoT in January cleared the path for the industry to work together to move towards a modern distribution standard.

Critically, these conditions would ensure that the new capability would not impose any specific business model to airline distribution; would not compromise customer data security nor specify data ownership; would not impose any particular data standard on IATA members; and would not restrict backward compatibility with existing standards.

It’s encouraging to see those conditions recognized in the DoT’s tentative ruling today as well as IATA reiterating its support for them.

“IATA re-affirms its commitment to the conditions proposed by IATA and Open Allies,” Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director-General and CEO, said in a statement.

The spirit of cooperation that broke out earlier this year should ensure that the next phase of the process – a three week public comment period giving all parties the opportunities to raise questions regarding those issues raised.

Amadeus will take the time to consider the ruling more thoroughly, but our position hasn’t changed since the very beginning.

We are committed to embracing technologies to drive efficiencies and greater capabilities within our industry while supporting transparency, choice, competition, privacy and innovation in the air travel market place and we'll continue to work with our partners in the industry to support these aims.


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