How Amadeus Ventures helps ideas take off

Suzanna Chiu

Head of Amadeus Ventures

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It’s cliché but true: technology is changing the world at breakneck speed. Startups are often at the forefront of this change. But they sometimes need a little push to get their ideas off the ground. We created Amadeus Ventures to help startups sitting at the crossroads of travel and technology to take off with early stage minority investments. Through this approach we can deliver fantastic innovations to our customers faster than ever before.

How Amadeus Ventures helps ideas take off infographic

Startups are very good at solving well-defined problems. A great example of this is our investment in FLYR. Based in San Francisco, this company helps travellers lock in the air ticket price they found online for a small fee. Another great example is Betterez, based in Toronto, Canada. They developed a solution for long distance bus companies to manage their ticketing functions.

These are the types of startups we actively seek to collaborate with. We also look behind the scenes for entrepreneurs who share our strategic vision of the industry. We then work with them to deliver next generation technology that improves the travel experience for everyone.

Since 2014 Amadeus Ventures has invested in 8 companies with a total valuation of $1 Billion and we’re always on the lookout for more.

Check out this infographic to learn about how we help ideas take off and drop us a line if you’re a startup interested in learning more about our investment criteria.


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