Amadeus Ventures: shaping the future of travel with Cabify

Katherine Grass

Head of Innovation and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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The travel industry is constantly innovating and some of the greatest innovations are being made by start-ups in need of funding to develop their ideas. Through Amadeus Ventures, we're making strategic minority investments in start-ups with truly innovative travel ideas to help foster their development. One such start-up that exemplifies what we look for during our investment process is Cabify, the second company to join our investment portfolio.


Cabify allows passengers to book high end vehicles with drivers by using their smartphone, PC or phone calls with real time confirmation. Currently, services are available in 6 cities in Spain and in the capital cities of Mexico, Chile and Peru.

So, why did we choose to invest in Cabify?

We believe Cabify has a solid concept in addition to a talented team with the right combination of business and technology knowledge. Cabify’s mission is also in alignment with our drive to  by creating a more connected futurewhere door-to-door trips can be planned with ease.

Perhaps most importantly, our relationship with Cabify brings strategic value to both of us through our combined drive to be leaders of innovation in the travel industry.

I look forward to working with Cabify to shape a more connected future of traveland hope that other young travel related start-ups can find inspiration in their example.

Have a look at this video where I provide some insights on the motivations driving Amadeus Venturesand what we look for in travel related start-ups with examples from our current portfolio.

Interested in learning more about Cabify? Registerand download their app to try it for yourself.

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