Amadeus Ventures attends Travel Innovation Summit – launches new website

Katherine Grass

Head of Innovation and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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I was fortunate enough to attend PhoCusWright Europe’s Travel Innovation Summit in Dublin, Ireland and was again impressed with the 10 start-ups that were selected to present their applications, technologies, and solutions.

Travel Innovation Summit

An interesting trend I noticed at the event is that many start-ups are beginning to present more B2B solutions, which has not always been the case. This is great to see from an investment perspective because often times these types of business models are more sustainable. B2C focused start-ups can be homeruns, but the brand challenge is huge, and the initial investment the start-up needs is quite different.

It was also interesting to see a new twist on social booking, which continues to be a main theme in travel. Many start-ups tend to envision group booking solutions to have their own websites, which not only means building the group booking functionality but also trying to drive traffic to the brand. Realizing this shortcoming, Makeitsocial developed a social booking button that can be integrated into any online content website, thus giving it potentially a far greater reach.

Main Topics of the event

Naturally, mobile solutions created a lot of conversation at the event, with many start-ups being well aware that the average US family has 10 connected devices and check their mobile phones nearly 150 times a day.

The event featured a competition amongst the start-up where they were judged on how innovative the idea and business model was, the quality of presentation, and whether their idea was worthy of investment.

Mobacar, the eventual competition winner, presented an interesting solution created around car rentals, which adds curated content, such as wait times, location of the rental desk, and others aspects to streamline the search process. You can have a look at the winner and runner up presentations here.

Lastly, I invite you to visit the new Amadeus Ventures website where you can learn more about our approach to early stage minority investments in start-ups sitting at the crossroads of travel and technology.


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