Amadeus Turkey teams up with travel agencies to provide PCs for students

Nil Canal

General Manager, Amadeus Turkey

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What do you do with your old tech hardware? Throw it away? Sell it for a fraction of the price you bought it for? Use it to decorate your home? While some of us may be prone to toss out our old tech, my colleagues and I at Amadeus Turkey have teamed up with TURSAB (the Turkish Travel Agency Association) for a knowledge and skills transfer programme to support a sustainable future of travel.

Amadeus Turkey

Through this programme we collect old PCs from travel agencies, clean and test them to ensure they are in good working condition, and deliver them to students. In 2013, Amadeus Turkey donated 200 computers to village elementary and high schools in Anatolia and East Turkey, as well as to government schools in underserved areas of cities like Istanbul and Ankara.

Also, Amadeus Turkey is getting ready for another PC donation to the schools in Soma, where 301 miners died after an explosion the 17th of May. The donation will include 50 PCs to be delivered at the end of the summer.

In addition to this, we offer free training on the travel reservation processes for five young people who have not had the opportunity to go to university and are unable to finance training - but are willing and eager to learn. Once they’ve passed the certification exam, we work to find the students a job with one of our travel agency partners.

It really is amazing just how big of an impact technology can have on a young person’s life. From learning about the world to empowering them with more employment opportunities – technology can truly change their lives.

Have a look at the Amadeus Global Report for more about what we’re doing around the world to support sustainability in the travel industry.


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