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Amadeus Tip: How to search a fare using Amadeus All Fares

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Use Amadeus All Fares to compete with any OTA.

How often have you found that customers already know what they want and at what price they want it before they turn to you, their trusted travel agent?

Travellers today are savvy and smart and they want their travel agent to offer them choice and flexibility immediately and at the best price.

How can travel agencies best respond? Offer your customers a wide range of travel choices adapted to their needs and at the best prices.

Thanks to Amadeus All Fares and Master Pricer Expert, you will be able to search any origin and destination and get the best results and lowest fares within seconds. This will allow you to not only compete with any OTA, but also to impress your customers.

Do you want to get started straight away? With our latest Amadeus Tip, we will show you how to search a fare using All Fares.

1. Select a One-way, Round-trip or Multi-destination search mode.

2. Enter the travel itinerary.

You can define a cabin for each bound of the itinerary.

3. If the Radius option is enabled, select a radius for alternative cities or airports for a round trip or one-way trip only.

Note: Some alternative cities or airports within the selected radius may be found in a neighbouring country. The alternate airport option is not compatible with Other fare types (non-GDS).

4. In the Search Options section, select what you want to display in the search results such as:

  • Calendar View
  • One Way fares if you are searching for one-way fares to book a return trip.
    If you choose an open-jaw itinerary, you cannot select the One-way Fares option or the Other Fare Types option.
  • Non-stop flights if you want a direct flight.
  • PSR to calculate and include agency fees in the prices.

5. Choose the types of fares to include in the search.

  • To search for Amadeus fares only (including light ticketing and SSR Epay carriers if available), select the required options in the Amadeus Fare Types section and ensure that you clear all options in the Other Fare Types section.
    Note: If you include Corporate Codes, light ticketing carriers are still included in the search but only the first corporate code will be taken into account for these carriers.
  • To search for Other fares only (non-GDS), select the required options in the Other Fare Types section and ensure that you clear all options in the Amadeus Fare Types section.

6. Select the passenger types and numbers.

7. To change your search options or define additional ones, such as include alternate airports or display the fares in a specific currency, click on More Search Options > Change Your Search Options and make your selection.

8. Define the number of results displayed by selecting an option from Display 3, 5, 10, 20 or All Flights.

Note: This only needs to be done once. Thereafter, the search results will always display the option you have selected.

9. Click on Search.

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