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Amadeus Tip: How to Reserve a Seat using the Seat Map

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Is your customer very specific about the seat they want? Not too far from the galley or the lavatories but not too close, at a reasonable distance from the exit, not on the wing so that their view is not obstructed but not completely at the back either? Amadeus Selling Platform Connect to the rescue!

The Seats and Services Catalogue is a pop-up window that allows you to request non-chargeable (standard) and chargeable services, as well as reserve a seat. It also displays the purchase conditions for each seat and service, such as options for refund or change, and additional information about the product or service that has been provided by the airline.

Some seats and services display images when you place the mouse over them, but this depends on the airline information that is provided.

How Are Prices Per Seat and Per Passenger Displayed?

Prices per seat and per passenger are displayed in a tooltip when you mouse over each seat that is marked as chargeable.

Prices per seat are informative and can only be displayed if a passenger name is added to the Booking File. Depending on the airline, itinerary pricing may be required before seat prices are displayed.

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How to Reserve a Seat Using the Seat Map

1. In the What do you want to do next? section of the Booking File, click on Add Seats and Services.

2. In the Seats and Services Catalogue, click on Seats.

3. In the Seat Map section, update the passenger and flight segment selection if 

4. To highlight certain seat features on the seat map, such as a seat suitable for 
an unaccompanied minor, use the filter options in the Features section.

5. If you are reserving a seat for a passenger associated with an infant, you can 
request a bassinet by selecting the Request Bassinet check box.

6. If there is more than one deck on the aircraft, select either Upper or Lower.

7. To reserve a single seat, click on a seat or enter the seat number in the text field provided and click on Add Seats.

8. To reserve multiple seats:

-  Click on an available seat for each passenger.

-  Alternatively, enter the seat numbers in the text field provided and click on Add Seats. Ensure that the number of seats entered matches the number of passengers selected. 
When a seat is selected, the passenger number appears in the seat icon.

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