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Amadeus Ticket Changer – How to process complicated reissues?

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For most travel agents, last-minute changes are a daily occurrence and can be a great source of stress.

Clients phone at the very last minute if they see their meeting is running late and they count on their trusted travel advisor to quickly reissue their tickets. This leaves the travel consultant working against the clock to juggle the clients’ travel policy and approval processes.

Then, processing a reissue that involves a class change, routing change or airline change can become extremely complicated for travel agents. They need to spend valuable time reading through the rules of the original ticket to see what is allowed or not allowed.

The good news is that Amadeus Ticket Changer can guide you by rebooking the new desired itinerary and then doing the entry FXE (Best Pricer Informative Pricing).

The system will almost instantly show you what the best available option is for your customer. The best part of this is that when doing this with CAT31 airlines, the option given by the system is guaranteed!

In the following example, we have changed the return date and routing on a CAT31 airline:

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You can still use this option for CAT16 (non-guaranteed) airlines, but remember that you need to check the Penalty (PE) rules of the fare before confirming the reissue price to the customer.

Have you already stored the ATC pricing for your reissue and need to see the reissue breakdown again to check details such as the tax and fare differences?

Simply type TQR/Tx (x = TST number) and the system will redisplay the ATC reissue panel for you.

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This feature is also now available in Selling Platform Connect Graphic Booking File, on the hyperlink: Reissue details

Enter QF to transaction on the PNR, remove from the queue, and exit Queues

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