Amadeus Technology & Innovation Forum puts digital transformation in the spotlight

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager

It’s been a decade since the first Amadeus Technology & Innovation Forum and the tenth edition hosted in Madrid made it clear that digitalization is no longer a ‘nice to have’, rather it is essential in the travel industry.

Fernando Cuesta, Managing Director of Amadeus in Spain, explained why the European travel sector cannot miss the digitalization train. 


Telefonica’s Director Javier Vizcaino Toscano, reminded attendees about a recent Morgan Stanley report which highlights how European telcos are leading the pack in digital transformation. He pointed to a number of convincing stats: one out of four sales are done online; six out of seven customer contacts are done in digital channels; two out of three customers get e-invoices; and five out of six incidents are solved remotely. 

In hospitals, digitalization is transforming the patient’s experience through symptom checkers, virtual assistants, and even artificial intelligence. Jesus Bonilla, Managing Director, Sanitas Hospitales, spoke about the role of technology in the transformation of the healthcare sector.


Digitalization is now. Amadeus’ vision and technology is shaping the future of travel. Ludo Verheggen, Director Air Content Adoption Strategy at Amadeus, outlined how Amadeus is ensuring that IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) provides value for and across the whole travel industry.