Amadeus and Stranded Flight Solutions help airlines tackle disruptions

Frank Classen

CEO, Stranded Flight Solutions

Imagine being on your way home from a long business trip. It’s been a busy week, and you’re finally about to board flight 221, just in time to make it home for your daughter’s birthday. Then, you hear what every traveler dreads: “Attention please, flight 221 has been canceled due to technical reasons. ” And so, what could be a nightmare scenario of waiting in queues, uncertainty and missed family time begins.

This is an all too common scene for travelers and it often tarnishes an airline’s brand if the situation is not handled with tact. It’s also costly.

Industry estimates put an annual figure of $60 billion on disruption in general, about 8% of total airline revenue.

Fortunately, the partnership between Amadeus and Stranded Flight Solutions(SFS) is helping to alleviate the stress of airline disruptions. Together, we’re empowering passengers to self-manage service recovery during disruptions. The Amadeus Disruption Management solution, which is part of the Amadeus Altéa Suite, takes care of the airside details, like rebooking, while our SFS360 platform supports the passenger with their groundside needs. These include helping passengers book a hotel, get refreshment, transportation, or receive payment in cases of overbooking.

Effectively managing disruptions is all about information, communication, empathy, and creating transparency during the situation. The SFS360 platform provides every impacted passenger with a personal, airline-branded landing page that includes concrete next steps and the tailored protection measurements offered by the airline for that passenger. This may start by offering a refreshment through an e-voucher on their mobile while the airline is working on a solution and letting them know what will happen next through their mobile device. The solution puts the passenger back in charge by offering options with clear communication. The service staff also receives access to the most up-to-date information through the platform.

By working together, Amadeus and Stranded Flight Solutions are supporting the smooth integration of start-to-end service recovery solutions that meet an airline’s specific requirements, and most importantly, alleviate passenger stress levels. In the social media era, this is more important than ever.

We’re happy to work alongside Amadeus to create smoother journeys for passengers. Our work is made all the more worthwhile when we do our part to connect travelers with their families again.