Amadeus Stories: Moving around the world to be closer to our customers

Elena Avila

EVP, Airlines, Americas, Amadeus

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In the story of Amadeus employees Sandra and Pierre, we see them fall in love and pursue a career path that takes them around the world. The background to this touching story is our commitment to our customers.

Like Sandra and Pierre, I moved with my husband and two young children to Dallas just over a year ago. We opened our Dallas office to be closer to customers such as Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest low-cost carrier. Close proximity helped form a strong relationship with Southwest which is using our Altéa technology to run their business. Our relationship with Southwest continues to strengthen given the closeness of our teams and an openness to collaborate on new solutions and, importantly, define new ways of working together. In addition to Southwest, there are many important airlines in the region and by having a local team in Dallas and other locations in the Americas we're able to serve them better.

When it comes to our airline partners, we are committed to being where they are because it’s an approach that delivers mutually beneficial results. The proximity allows us to truly understand their business and their needs, so we can build and deliver the solutions that make a difference to their businesses. Working next to our customers also means that we can be more agile and accelerate time to market. This is already very powerful in our engagement with customers, and I can only imagine the exponential value that we will be able to deliver to our customers once our airline platform arrives! This will further enable our airline customers to drive their priorities and work with third parties to develop new and innovative ways to service passengers.

Sandra and Pierre moved to Dallas to work alongside our customers to innovate and change the way we work, just as many Amadeus colleagues do around the world. In the Americas, we truly are a global family and that’s one of the things I love about working at Amadeus.

This is also one of the reasons I am excited and confident about 2019 and the opportunities ahead. We have set up a team and a culture to help airlines soar in this market, and we are seeing strong momentum. The conversation is changing, and we have high quality engagement with the airlines in this part of the world. Amadeus is seen as an exciting, forward-thinking, reliable partner with whom to navigate interesting and challenging times ahead. The future in the Americas is bright!  

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