Amadeus Spain empowers employees with ‘Cybervolunteer’ certification

Begoña Trasancos Sanchez

Director, Human Resources, Amadeus Spain

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Last year Amadeus Spain launched the first certification session for employees to become Cybervolunteers or, as they’re often called ‘corporate technology volunteers’. Established with the aim of getting to know and better understand the needs of socially disadvantage people throughout Spain, becoming a Cybervolunteer can go a long way towards shaping a sustainable future of travel.

cyber volunteers


The mission of Cybervolunteers is to provide these groups with simple technological skills that gives them full access to the world of information and thus, to opportunities in many spheres, including employment, training, education, communication, and networking among others.

During one of the sessions, I was particularly touched by the case of the ‘blogger grandma’.  This almost 85-year old grandmother was lonely, so her nephew bought her a computer to alleviate her loneliness. The computer completely changed her life from a lonely grandma to an avid blogger with thousands of followers. Unfortunately the she passed away recently, but her story lives on and provides other elderly people with the inspiration to use technology to connect with millions of people.

Cybervolunteers provides certified volunteers with daily information on the sessions offered, including location, date, time and targeted group. Enrolment is easy through their website and you can also create your own activities based on your background and knowledge. For example, I decided to design a course on how to look for employment and how to approach competency based interviews. When I conducted the sessions, participants (Female victims of violence) learned how to prepare an impactful cover letter, a professional resume, and how to succeed during interviews.

Personally, I think initiatives like Cybervolunteers are greatly impactful, not only for the groups they help, but also for the employees involved in the activities. Interaction with program participants, and Amadeus’ support for these activities, really increased volunteer motivation and engagement. After my 8-year tenure working for the United Nations, I discovered that contributing to people in need comes in many different forms. Monetary donations are great – but donations of skills and expertise can be equally impactful.

I encourage anyone with the opportunity to become a Cybervolutnteer to do so. Giving back to the community not only benefits the recipients, but it can also influence your own professional and personal growth.


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