Amadeus social responsibility: Building up on our 2016 achievements

Angelica Mkok

Head of Social Responsibility, Amadeus IT Group

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With over 15,000 culturally diverse employees and a truly global presence in more than 190 countries, the challenge is always there when maximising the social impact of our programmes and initiatives.

Amadeus social responsibility: Building up on our 2016 achievements

Nonetheless, Amadeus social responsibility projects and initiatives grew greatly in 2016, as our people volunteered more than 10,000 hours of their time, we supported 210 educational and non-governmental organisations and over 189 projects were developed worldwide in the following areas:

  • Community support
  • Knowledge and skills transfer
  • Technology for good

We’re committed to social innovation and development in the communities where we operate. To do this, we use the talent and enthusiasm of our people, our technology and our expertise in the global travel industry to make a real difference.

Supporting the local communities

Amadeus offices in different countries are active in their local communities with the objective to make a difference in the lives of people in need. In each case – Amadeus people and CSR partners are motivated by their experience, confident that they are making a difference and looking forward to doing more this year.

Our collective ability to inspire one another has contributed to overcoming the social challenges around us, while enhancing engagement in the workplace.

So, why is Amadeus any different? We’ve taken on the challenge of being a global leader that anticipates change and embraces the new normal: commitment to society and the opportunities it brings.

You can find out more about Amadeus Corporate Social Responsibility hereand in this infographic.

Amadeus social responsibility: Building up on our 2016 achievements