Amadeus Service Changer - easier rebooking of ancillary services

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No more manual dealing with ancillaries when rebooking services – Amadeus Service Changer is now available for BOTH voluntary & involuntary changes! This means that travel agencies can save up to four minutes per rebooked ancillary service.

Time to spend less time on managing changes! Amadeus Service Changer allows you to automatically reprice ancillary services that are rebooked on a new itinerary after the ticket change, and facilitates the preparation for Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) reissuance.

Save up to four minutes per rebooked ancillary service

This can save you up to four minutes per rebooked ancillary service, and ensures that you are compliant with the airline policy. On top of that, you will get a happy customer who receives the service they have paid for in the first place!

Amadeus is the 1st provider with an automated EMD change solution. Amadeus Service Changer is available in Selling Platform and in Web Services.

With which airlines can I use Amadeus Service Changer?

As of now, you can use Amadeus Service Changer on the following airlines:


Implemented Airlines

You can always hit up "FQN ASC/CXR" in Selling Platform to get the most recent list of participating airlines.

When can I start using it?

Amadeus Service Changer needs to be activated before you can use it. To do this, you either talk with your local sales representative, or contact us via the form below.

For more information (e.g. quick card, demo etc), please see dedicated page on Amadeus Service Hub.

Getting technical: how it works

When a booking is changed/modified by the traveler, the EMD of the booked services will be disassociated from the ticket. This means there is no more link with the PNR via the ancillary service. At this point you, the travel agent, need to:

  • Rebook the ancillary service on new itinerary;
  • Reprice the ancillary service in exchange of the original EMD, and;
  • Reissue the EMD to re-establish the link with the ancillary service in PNR and with the ticket