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Your evaluation of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

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You are looking for more freedom to manage travel on the go. That much is clear from our Benelux success story on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

How can Amadeus support travel agents around the world? We asked 184 of our customers in 23 countries. Your answer? Adapt to the world of mobile solutions and lightning-quick reaction times. So we did.

Are travel agents in the Benelux and other countries truly satisfied with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect? 3 interviews with 4 people on 1 solution.

Laurent Mandiaux & Serge Lebrun, Associate Directors at Travel Sensations

Travel Sensations is a Belgian tour operator that cooperates with premium travel agencies to offer original and unique travel packages.

By the way, Serge and Laurent’s interview is entirely in French. English subtitles are available; just turn on closed captions on YouTube. For native English content, scroll down the page.

No time? The video in one quote:


Simone Zuidberg, Travel Support Manager at TravelBird

“The integration of Selling Platform Connect within our team went very smooth. The team couldn’t be happier to try it on their MacBooks. It immediately worked as it should and our contact persons at Amadeus were very helpful with the feedback we had for minor improvements in the beginning.”

Gary Oakley, Travel Consultant at House of Travel in Miami

 No time? The video in one quote:


It’s very user-friendly for someone who has not really used a GDS before


Lisa Metzl, Personal Travel Manager in Australia

 No time? The video in one quote:


It means I never have to worry about not being able to help a client