A look at Amadeus Research & Development around the world

Lucas Bobes

Head of Sustainability, Amadeus IT Group

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The Amadeus Global Report 2015 provides a comprehensive overview of our business and highlights our sustainability performance. The report includes our research and development initiatives around the world. Remarkably, Amadeus invests more than €1.8 million every day in R&D. Amadeus is the leading R&D investor in the travel and tourism industry according to the 2015 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

Frédéric Bessis, Vice President, R&D Strategic Studies, comments: 
“Amadeus R&D unit has the responsibility of building innovative solutions for our customers worldwide. R&D teams conceive, design, develop and maintain some of the world’s most complex, widely available, real-time information systems, accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and end users in almost all areas of the travel industry”.

As shown in the different maps in the Amadeus Global Report 2015, the R&D network is another example of Amadeus’ global presence. Nice (France) is the largest centre for R&D activities, with on-site and global teams developing solutions for travel distribution, e-commerce, travel agency points-of-sale, airlines, hotels, railway companies, airport IT, and travel intelligence. In 2015, two R&D sites were opened in Singapore and Orlando (US), following the integration of companies acquired in the area of Airport IT.

All sites work closely together, and teams for a project can be distributed among various sites. Below are the 19 Amadeus R&D sites around the world and their function.

  • Aachen: Leisure distribution systems (Traveltainment)
  • Antwerp: Mid-office for travel agencies
  • Frankfurt: Leisure and mid-office for Germany
  • Istanbul: Airline loyalty and e-commerce travel agencies
  • London: Airline Departure Control
  • Madrid: Travel payment solutions
  • Nice: Central sites – all applications and methods
  • Strasbourg: Travel agency mid-office for France
  • Warsaw: Regional development centre for Asia-Pacific
  • Bangalore: Development centre for mobile and some central applications
  • Bangkok: Regional development centre for Asia-Pacific
  • Singapore: Airport management systems
  • Sydney: Airline Altéa and regional support airlines
The Americas:
  • Bogotá: Regional development centre for Latin America
  • Boston: Development centre for North America and some central applications
  • Miami: Regional development centre for North America
  • Orlando: Airport management systems
  • Portsmouth: Hotel sales and catering (Newmarket)
  • Tucson: Airline Revenue Integrity

Want to learn more about Amadeus’ approach to R&D? Check out the Amadeus Global Report 2015.

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