Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum 2017

Marta Desviat

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Antoine de Kerviler opened the Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum 2017 with a presentation on the event theme –RAILyourWAY– and how Amadeus is helping railways become more successful by being innovative. Here we bring you the highlights.

A lot has changed since the last 2015 Rail Forum in Barcelona. The travel industry is evolving and railways are experiencing how dynamic the market is. But which are the game-changing trends we should pay attention to? 

Game-changing trends impacting the rail industry

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): will master automation, helping you serve travellers faster and better.
  • Personalisation: is increasing conversion rates and improving the rail traveller’s shopping experience.
  • Social Media: has an inspirational potential than can even trigger a booking. Pinterest or Instagram are inspiring travellers, and start-ups such as Wayonara are already taking advantage. 
  • Mobile: is becoming critical to winning traveller loyalty as the majority of travellers’ digital moments are now mobile.
  • Competition: is affecting rail distribution.With new rail entrants, multiple channels and devices from which to choose from. 
  • Customer focus: should be a priority. No customer is the same, that's why in our report The Rail Journey to 2020, we identified six different traveller tribes, for you learn how to address different segments and improve the rail customer experience. 


"We're in an era of fierce competition for rail where customer centricity is paramount" Antoine de Kerviler, Global Head of Rail & Ground Travel, Amadeus


20 years of rail expertise

Our 20 years expertise recognises the importance of bringing innovation to rail in order to remain competitive. That’s why we have created RAILyourWAY, technology and it solutions for travel sellers and railways. The RAILyourWAY architecture is based on a modular and flexible approach that will help you unlock the true potential of rail.

How does the future of rail look like?

A lot will continue to change. But our mission is to help you to win the battle for the customer, making rail booking easy:

  • Providing the rail technology to serve your rail travellers now and into the future
  • Offering new ways to connect with all travellers and inspire them to choose rail
  • Making rail stand out as a viable and convenient option

If you missed the chance to listen to Antoine de Kerviler at the Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum 2017, take a look at his presentation on SlideShare:

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