Digital passenger manifest: the leap towards an innovative railway

Ivan Kladnig

Senior Sales Manager Rail Asia Pacific, Amadeus

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Competition is challenging today's railways to improve their quality of service, from rail booking experience to onboard experience. Our technology empowers rail operators to modernize and become more digital. Read on to discover how we have improved the onboard staff 's day-to-day work for one of our Australian customers.

Michael is a train conductor that works for an Australian railway company we are partnering with. As part of his job, he needs to control the passengers' record, handle last-minute bookings, and deliver first class service to each passenger. Yet, managing day-to-day operations on a paper manifest is very time-consuming, and error-prone, leading to potential to booking overlaps and inaccurate rail passengers records. 

Digital passenger manifest: the leap towards an innovative railway

We help train conductors such as Michael to forget about outdated paper manifests. As part of our RAILyourWAY solutions portfolio, we have developed the Amadeus Rail Onboard app, a mobile app that helps railways' staff to manage the passenger manifest digitally and in real-time.

It includes: 

  • Check-in and re-seating passengers, 
  • Handling last-minute bookings for passengers that board a train without a ticket, 
  • Canceling no-shows to release inventory for re-use,
  • And thus, controlling live railways' inventory. 

Easy to use, easy to integrate

Built on Amadeus rail API framework, the Amadeus Rail Onboard App provides a simple connection to any back-end system so that rail operators can easily integrate it with their rail IT systems. But also, we make it easy for railway staff: available in the App Store, it comes with an intuitive touch interface that is simple and straightforward to follow.

Last week, Michael had the opportunity to try the onboard app and it really enhances his job onboard the train. He loved the fact that it is so easy to use and the capability to work offline when the train is crossing a tunnel for example, as the app is synchronizing automatically with the rail inventory. 


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