Amadeus and OACIS launch world’s first 'pop up' airport check-in service

Matthew Lee


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With global passenger traffic expected to grow 5.2% per year until 2029 – the strain on airports will only increase. This means the airport check-in experience will only get longer and more frustrating, right? Not so fast.

My company, Off Airport Check-In Solutions (OACIS), has teamed up with Amadeus to combat this problem. Now, travellers can drop off their bags at a convenient location, make the most of their day luggage-free, breeze through the airport without having to queue at the check-in desk, and enjoy their flight knowing their bags will be ready for them at their destination.

With Amadeus’ Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) cloud technology, we can quickly provide travellers with an off-airport, fully mobile check-in service that can be set up at any location. We can also access any airline’s check-in systems in the cloud with just a laptop and internet connectivity. Just getting back from a cruise? No problem – simply drop your bags at the harbour. At a conference with limited time? Leave your luggage and we’ll check you in. Then, we’ll securely transport your bags to the airport and check them directly into the airport baggage system.

Virgin Australia is the first airline to adopt the service and has already piloted it in Sydney for cruise ships and ocean liners. We’re planning to expand to New Zealand and other markets in the next 12 to 18 months.

Our service is about giving people more freedom, flexibility, and fun so they get the most out of their travel. To do this, we needed the right partner, and Amadeus fits the bill. It was open to working with innovative, disruptive new players, and we were impressed by its agility which has allowed us to launch so quickly.

Visit the Amadeus Newsroom for more about how we’re reinventing the airport check-in experience.


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