Amadeus Next poised to propel travel technology startups in Asia Pacific

Simon Akeroyd

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Cassandra Italia, Founder of TopDocs, and Simon Akeroyd at Echelon Thailand 2015

cassandra italia founder of topdocs and simon akeroyd at echelon thailand


Startups disrupt the status quo by pushing technology to new frontiers and this is especially true in the travel space. This spirit of innovation is also a core component of who we are, so it only makes sense to foster and support the travel tech community in Asia Pacific. Enter Amadeus Next, our travel startup community, which was recently launched atEchelon Thailand 2015.

What does Amadeus Next do?

Amadeus Next is not a short-term project, nor a one-off investment. It’s a long-term partnership and commitment to create a collaborative travel tech startup community in Asia Pacific. We work with travel startups to evolve new and original ideas by leveraging our technology, expertise, reach and funding. Amadeus Next also serves as a driving force to build an ecosystem of like minded partners and people who are excited about travel technology, and are looking to challenge the status quo.

What does Amadeus Next offer startups?

  • Technology:

    Access to Amadeus’ technology and solutions to build and validate the Minimum Viable Product, as well as leverage decades of experience in travel technology.


  • Expertise:

    The ability to work with Amadeus experts to incubate and validate new ideas and businesses, as well as mentoring and guidance to navigate their way to success.


  • Reach:

    Connect to the right network to test, validate and pilot new business models with Amadeus customers and industry players.


  • Funding:

    Introductions to investors and venture capital around the world. Globally, Amadeus also has a dedicatedAmadeus Venture Fundwhich offers early stage minority investments in startups.


Who has already joined?

To date, six travel technology startups are on board, including Klook, Orahi, Triposo, and TopDocs, a platform for medical tourists to book a seamless medical travel experience. Additionally, JungleVentures, CyberAgent Ventures Techsauce and Hubba, Thailand's startup leader in terms of co-working spaces, technology events, technology media and startup education, have joined Amadeus Next.

Keep your eyes open for more Amadeus Next sponsored events like this year’sBangkok Startup Weekend 2015.


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