Amadeus Next celebrates one year of powering travel tech startups in Asia Pacific

Simon Akeroyd

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Clearing immigrations without long queues and securing last-minute airline upgrades with just a mobile app are no longer just a dream. BorderPass and Seatfrog are travel innovations realised and developed right here in Asia Pacific. They are just two of the 30 startups which are part of Amadeus Next, our programme to nurture, mentor and partner with travel startups in Asia Pacific.

1 year of Amadeus next

Travel is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the startup industry. Of the top five ‘Unicorns’, or global companies valued at $1 billion, travel is well represented by two players – Uber and Airbnb. As travel continues to grow in Asia Pacific, travel innovations and adoptions are rapidly growing as they help to make life easier for travellers. In fact, the Amadeus Next startups serve an average of 10 million active users every month.

What exactly does Amadeus Next offer startups?

  • Technology: Access to Amadeus’ technology and solutions to build and validate the Minimum Viable Product, as well as leverage decades of experience in travel technology.
  • Expertise: The ability to work with Amadeus experts to incubate and validate new ideas and businesses, as well as mentoring and guidance to navigate their way to success.
  • Reach: Connect to the right network to test, validate and pilot new business models with Amadeus customers and industry players.
  • Funding: Introductions to investors and venture capital around the world. Globally, Amadeus also has a dedicated Amadeus Venture Fund which offers early stage minority investments in startups.

As Amadeus Next celebrates its first year anniversary, check out this infographic to see key highlights and how we are providing technology, expertise, reach and funding to the travel tech startup industry.


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