Live Travel Space: Introducing a network for travel industry pros

Joerg Schuler

VP, Travel Channels Customer Service, Amadeus

When it comes to the future of travel, we have a clear vision. It’s a Live Travel Space where all players can connect to address the desires of travelers and provide them with what they want at any given moment.

To bring this vision to life, we have to empower our customers. Enter the Amadeus Live Travel Community, the first international online community of travel agents. Have a question about an Amadeus solution? Our Live Travel Community has you covered.

It’s an open, dynamic, and connected forum for our travel channel customers, which include retail travel agencies, online travel agencies, corporations, and business travel agencies, to meet and exchange information on Amadeus products and services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More than 400,000 users of the Amadeus system can ask questions about our solutions and get recommendations from their peers worldwide. This helps them solve their problems in an agile way so they can best use their Amadeus solutions. Our Live Travel Community is a place where agents can talk directly to Amadeus aficionados, give advice, share tips, provide suggestions, and help each other.

Most importantly, this forum is a great way for us to be directly tuned in with our customers, hear their voice, and collect priceless insights on their use of our solutions, as well as the industry topics they are interested in. It also allows us to identify experts and spot the evangelists.

We invite all of our travel channels customers to be a social and active member of the community. It’s a great opportunity to connect with likeminded peers worldwide, whether they’re from Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, Germany, or anywhere in the world!

The Live Travel Space is the new present, and we welcome all players to join. We are facilitating conversations in the industry, connecting technologies, and unlocking new opportunities to make travel more rewarding. Our customers are at the heart of this and the Live Travel Community will help us do this to an even greater degree as we work to help them grow.

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