Amadeus is on cloud nine thanks to open source

Dietmar Fauser

VP of Core Platforms and Middleware, Amadeus

Amadeus boarded the open source train a while ago, and we now live and breathe open source. Why? Thanks to this shared technology, we can offer our customers several benefits, while attracting top talent.

This development approach allows our customers to benefit from the latest open solutions, and the customization freedom to develop on top of standard products, providing exciting new functionalities to travelers. The world’s top engineers are working on open solutions and are attracted to companies that embrace open source, because it simply gives them the freedom to be truly innovative – who would have thought open source could act as a hiring magnet a decade ago?

But open source also reinforces community building. Ultimately, it’s about building something bigger and better, together. At Amadeus we are always eager to improve travel –to this end we are constantly looking to work with more open source contributors, putting the best minds together to improve the quality of our solutions. Fostering advancement through discussion and debate is also key – and so we host numerous conferences across the globe to make sure we are always up to speed on this.

And of course, open source is the foundation of our cloud platform. It’s not much of a stretch to say that our developers, scientists, and operations teams are on ‘cloud nine’ when it comes to the cloud-based technology we’re using to create more connected journeys for travelers.

Open source, cloud-based technology enhances responsiveness, scalability, agility, efficiency and availability of our services to all our customers. We can achieve sub-second response times which is key when a customer is browsing a mobile website. Cloud technology makes automation possible by offering 100% availability and faster time to service. It also helps scale capabilities on the fly.

Amadeus’ customers are located all around the world and thanks to cloud technology, we can offer our solutions closer to where they are. This means going faster and making our systems more agile to cope with peak demand, without lag.

Amadeus is cloud-ready and embracing open source technology to provide our customers the tools they need to drive growth and efficiency while connecting better journeys. We’re all on cloud nine to be working with it.

To learn more about our vision for cloud and open source technology, watch these videos. You can also check the latest on travel technology trends here.


The cloud will be a main topic at T3CH, an event on 26-27 March 2019 hosted by Amadeus where we will bring together the very best minds from across the worlds of technology and travel. If you are interested, follow this link to register your interest and join the conversation on the future of travel.