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Do you remember when we still used paper tickets? There was always the worry about losing them. Now all tickets are electronic so we’ve removed that concern.

The ticketing stage is where the travel experience becomes all the more real for the traveller. Suddenly we’re on the cusp of that long-waited holiday, business trip or quick weekend away, but little do we realise the important processes going on behind the scenes.

Indeed, did you know that Amadeus was one of the industry pioneers responsible for the development of e-ticketing? We were the first to comply with IATA’s deadline of 100% e-tickets by the end of 2007.

But we’ve taken ticketing a lot further since then. Check out this video, which looks at the role of our Brighter, Bolder, Better technology in the ticketing stage of the travel chain.

Are you amazed by just how many bookings are changed at least once? Of course it’s not always due to disruption as many times changes are made due to simple traveller preference.

Rebooking and amending tickets is critical as every minute waiting has knock-on effects for travel schedules and itineraries.

Getting things right quickly is essential.

Ticketing can also suffer from new complications arising from the growth of ancillary services and cross-selling – crucial new revenue generators for the industry. At Amadeus we have the answer with Amadeus Ancillary Services, which carries original additional ticket services, preferences and settings into rebooked tickets.

Less hassle for agents and service providers means greater convenience and a better experience for travellers – which is the ultimate aim for of all of us.

If this video got you thinking about the ticketing process, why not put your thoughts towards an entry to our Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel competition?

Your idea could win €20,000 and the opportunity to positively improve the travel experience for all.

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Hopefully by now you’ve already seen our videos on trip planning and pricing and booking stages in the opening two posts of the travel chain series, but if not, be sure to check them all out here.


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