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our travel chain series, which looks at the booking stage and the role that Amadeus technology plays in making the process Brighter, Bolder, Better. Have a look at the video – it features the following Amadeus booking solutions in action: Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus e-Travel Management, Amadeus Ancillary Services – and then we’ll continue!

Today we are publishing the second video in

Seen it? Did you know that almost 90,000 travel agency points of sale, 59,000 airlines sales offices and 4,500 corporations are using Amadeus products to book travel? And these travel sellers also enjoy access to a huge portfolio of travel content to give their customers more choice.

Our state-of-the-art data centre in Erding, Germany processes all these bookings – more than 650 million travel transactions per year in total – and ensures that the booking stage of the travel chain runs seamlessly.

The world is changing and so is the way we book travel. Ancillary services are fast becoming a key component of new revenue generation for both travel providers and sellers. This technology enables them to sell additional services conveniently and reliably.

Have you got a brilliant idea on how to improve the booking process? If so why not visit our ideas for travel competition websitewhere we are seeking suggestions to make the travel experience better.

The winning entry, as selected by our panel of travel industry figures, will earn €20,000 and the opportunity to positively change the travel experience for all.

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