Amadeus and i:FAO sign access to Southwest Airlines’ corporate travel content

Florian Tinnus

Head of Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Southwest is the largest carrier of domestic passengers in the US, and all of their offerings, including travel planning, booking, payment, changes and cancellations, will be integrated into both the cytric and the AeTM interface, including the cytric Mobile Companion. The users of both corporate booking tools will benefit from enhanced inventory and availability functionality, as well as integration with Southwest’s loyalty programme, amongst other features.



Southwest Airlines offers travellers access to more than 90 destinations throughout the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, and we’re excited to announce that users of Amadeus e-Travel Management(AeTM) and i:FAO cytric will now have access to those destinations through a new agreement.

Reaching a Milestone

From a Corporate IT perspective, this marks a milestone in the integration path of Amadeus and i:FAO, as the first corporate travel content agreement that is available at the same time for users of both AeTM and i:FAO cytric, since Amadeus acquired i:FAO last year.

At Amadeus we are excited about the progress of our integration with i:FAO. i:FAO’s market leading technology is focused on optimising the corporate traveller experience, to support the business travel objectives of corporations and to offer a value added technology for TMCs. i:FAO’s flexible and integrated end-to-end solution holds great potential for our global customers.

This is one of the landmarks towards an integrated offer and we look forward to sharing more detail on corporate booking tool innovation with you over the coming months.

For more detail on the agreement, please see herefor the US press release.


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