Amadeus Global Report 2018: A look at our business and sustainability practices

Tomas López Fernebrand

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Amadeus

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In 2018, we continued to grow, serving more customers, reaching more travelers, and expanding our global reach. We can all be proud of what we’ve achieved and the Amadeus Global Report 2018 is the best way to review these accomplishments.

The report provides a comprehensive and transparent view of our activities, operations, and performance during 2018. In this report, you will find information about the most important milestones of our business in 2018. It also includes details on our sustainability practices relating to environmental, social, human resources, and human rights issues.

Over recent years, regulators and governments have shown increasing concern over the value that large corporations provide toward long-term sustainability beyond economic rewards to shareholders. For example, EU Directive 2014/95 mandates that large corporations disclose specific non-financial and diversity information relating to environmental, social, human resources and human rights issues. We are fully committed to adhering to the vision of these new regulations. The Amadeus Global Report​ details our continuing push toward a more efficient travel industry for the benefit of all stakeholders and of future generations.

Details about our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are included in the report. In fact, technological innovation has a tremendous potential to make a positive contribution to the SDGs. As a global company, we are aware that we create social and economic value. From the point of view of corporate governance, finance and labor practice, we aim to increase our positive impact on society, thus contributing to the SDGs directly linked to people’s welfare. These are related to standards of living, working conditions, education, economic growth and social equality which are detailed in the report.

We continue to invest in IT solutions that help make the industry more sustainable over the long term. In 2018, almost €900 million was invested in research and innovation, making Amadeus the undisputed leader in R&D technology investment in our sector. The report provides further insights into this commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Finally, you can find information about Amadeus People & Culture, including talent management and diversity in the report. This includes details about our acquisition of TravelClick, which saw a new team of talented and experienced hospitality professionals join the Amadeus family, bringing our total number of staff across our business to more than 18,000 worldwide. I’m proud of each and every member of our team and the sense of responsibility with which they approach our business, and in particular the wider impact of the travel industry on the world today.

Please read the Amadeus Global Report 2018 here for more insights.


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