This is us: Amadeus Global Report 2015

Tomas López Fernebrand

SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Amadeus IT Group

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The Amadeus Global Report 2015 provides a transparent overview of our business, as well as our financial and sustainability performance in 2015.

Amadeus Global Report

We operate in over 195 countries and our geographic spread is a central element of our value proposition for all our business units. Our workforce is composed of more than 14,200 professionals who share, on a daily basis, a wide variety of talents, cultures and languages that truly enrich our company. These aspects, which are covered in the report, have been key in helping us achieve the success we saw in 2015.

We are also investing in companies that operate in various areas of the travel industry to complement our offer and position us even better to shape a brilliant and sustainable future for the travel industry and for Amadeus. Part of this includes our focus on R&D investment and innovation. We invest more than €1.8 million in R&D every day.

The Amadeus Global Report 2015 follows the guidelines for sustainability reporting of the Global Reporting Initiative – Comprehensive option. In addition to the main highlights of 2015, the report integrates non-financial information as an important component. In fact, as we have recently seen at the UNFCCC COP21 meeting, sustainability is increasingly being regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury. We believe this trend is only going to continue in the future, and at Amadeus we want to contribute to making the travel industry more sustainable, starting from within our company and working together with our peers and customers.

I hope you find the Amadeus Global Report 2015 informative and of interest, and that you will continue to follow our success in the years to come.


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