Amadeus Global Report 2014: A business, financial, and sustainability overview

Luis Maroto

President & CEO, Amadeus IT Group

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Our vision for a global travel ecosystem is the key to delivering a better experience for travellers. This vision brings the provider and the subscriber together in an open, intelligent global travel ecosystem that provides an enhanced and personalised service to the traveller along every step of the journey. We believe that Amadeus, with unrivalled reach in Distribution and strength in IT, as well as capabilities in emerging areas such as payments, mobile and travel intelligence, is uniquely placed to help bring this vision to reality, deliver value to the industry and truly shape the future of travel.

Once mere consumers of information, travellers are now a powerful presence in the industry and they demand a more connected, personalised, and sustainable travel experience. We are working hard to shape the future that travellers want and the newly released Amadeus Global Report 2014reflects this with a full picture of our performance from a business, financial, and sustainability perspective.

Developing Tools

Developing tools for the future of travel is crucial in bringing this vision to reality and it all starts with innovation. During 2014 Amadeus invested 16.6% of revenues in Research and Development, illustrating to our customers that we continue to be a partner they can trust to help them negotiate the challenges of the future. This information and much more is highlighted in the report.

With a privileged leadership position in the industry, Amadeus also feels a responsibility to bring value to those communities in which we operate. We are committed to the corporate social responsibility projectsour employees and our technology drive across the world. We were proud of the creativity and dedication our employees showed in their entries in our first Corporate Social Responsibility Global contest, many of which are featured in the report.

I am very proud of the more than 90 people worldwide representing some 30 areas and departments that have been directly involved in defining and shaping the content of the Amadeus Global Report 2014, which has received the highest level of disclosure from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in addition to external verification by an independent organisation (PwC).

I invite you to download a full copy of the Amadeus Global Report 2014and to visit the dedicated website here.


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