Amadeus Global Report 2014: Shaping a sustainable travel future

Ben Hunt

Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group

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That passion and enthusiasm is integral to our continued success and in 2014 we made significant progress in two areas that are important to us. Our business and financial performance continued to allow us to invest in shaping the future of travel while we also illustrated our commitment to bring value to those communities we serve.

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Amadeus people love travel, are passionate about the business of travel, and are proud that the technology we provide to our customers helps to facilitate the journeys of hundreds of millions of travellers every year.

This week we published the Amadeus Global Report 2014which gives a detailed review of the company’s work from a business, financial, and sustainability perspective. For the first time, the report contains a video welcome from our CEO, Luis Maroto.

So head over to the dedicated websitewhere you can see how we are working with our partners and customers to deliver a more connected, personalised, and sustainable travel experience to people across the world.


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