Amadeus Global Report 2013: Business, financial, and sustainability overview

Luis Maroto

President & CEO, Amadeus IT Group

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Generating sustainable, profitable growth that benefits all of our stakeholders is one of the pillars of our strategy. This is reflected in the Amadeus Global Report 2013, our first integrated annual report combining the traditional annual report to shareholders with our sustainability report.

The global travel industry in which we operate is both exciting and emotive. The technology we provide facilitates hundreds of millions of journeys, touching the lives of countless people across the world every day. It creates wealth, employment and opportunities for economic development while linking individuals, families, society and businesses. We have earned a privileged leadership position in this industry and it is one that we aim to develop sustainably as well as profitably.

The Amadeus Global Report 2013

During 2013, Amadeus continued to enjoy success in these two critical areas. Our continued commercial strength and record financial performanceallowed us to increase our value to our shareholders. We are equally proud that we achieved this performance in a sustainable manner. Amadeus also made important progress across both business units, Distribution and IT Solutions, despite a macroeconomic environment in which recovery remained fragile and uneven. These business units continued to show their high quality, their resilience and their ability to adapt to a changing and competitive market landscape.

Our efforts in the sustainability sphere were recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexfor the second consecutive year and we were included in the IT Services and Internet sector, positioned second of the seven companies to achieve inclusion of the 65 eligible. Our commitment to good Corporate Citizenship is threaded through all our activities from employee relations to investment in R&D and to social projects. We strongly believe that all these activities will drive long-term benefits for all of our stakeholders.

As ever, the foundation of the success of the company is our people. Amadeus has an incredibly committed and loyal workforce that has consistently delivered value for our customers and our shareholders. Our commitment in turn to them is the creation of a working environment that safeguards the dignity and rights of every employee, that fosters and promotes creativity, innovation and talent; that creates an atmosphere of engagement and support and that rewards excellence. The application of our team’s dedication, expertise and professionalism has once again allowed us to record an outstanding business year, and once again I thank them all sincerely for that.

Finally, I would also like to thank our shareholders and customers for their continued confidence and trust. It is a privilege to work with you and we look forward to enjoying further success together in 2014.

You can download the full Amadeus Global Report 2013 here.


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