Amadeus enabling the travel chain: re-cap

Sarah Braybrooke

Manager, Global Brand, Amadeus IT Group

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Between February and May 2011 we published our ‘Amadeus enabling the travel chain’ video series here on the blog.

Six different Amadeus bloggers talked about their thoughts and experiences relating to the different stages any journey goes through – and how Amadeus technology is improving the experience for travel providers and sellers as well as for the travellers themselves.

Now that the series has ended we thought we’d bring together all the videos in one post. So get your popcorn and sit back and enjoy Amadeus enabling the travel chain!

Trip planning and pricing

This is a key time during which we help customers plan trips intuitively, make travel provider content easily searchable, inspire customer loyalty programs and much more. Amadeus has developed innovative tools to find and display content in the most intuitive and efficient way possible, for a better traveller experience.


This film looks at the booking stage and the role that Amadeus technology plays in it. Whenever a traveller or travel provider is booking a journey, Amadeus is there, providing dependable technology to make things work better.


In this episode we see how Amadeus products make life easier for travellers and help make them feel like valued customers.

Check-in & boarding

Amadeus products help to make both the customer-facing and operational sides of the check-in and boarding process Brighter, Bolder, Better. How do we do that? By providing exceptional solutions to improve our customers' operational performance!

On the move

Travellers want the best possible service and experience during their journey. And it’s comforting to know that, thanks to Amadeus mobile technology, travel information is always at their fingertips and stays with them every step of the way. This episode shows how innovations in the mobile arena affect both sides of the travel equation: travellers and travel managers.


There are many complex processes going on behind the scenes making travel better for everyone on their next journey. Our post-trip technology enables our customers to make the right decisions and to take opportunities with confidence.


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