Amadeus employees support local food donation program in Madrid

Valle Rodriguez

Director, Madrid Human Resources, Amadeus IT Group

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Nine months ago, Amadeus HR in Madrid partnered with a local charity to create a food donation program in the community, with the objective of helping families in need.

Amadeus employees support local food donation program in Madrid

On the first week of every month, employees bring non-perishable food to donate, which is then collected by our partner charity, Cáritas, and distributed through its established network in Madrid.

To date, Amadeus employees have donated a total of 2,708 kilos (5,970 pounds) of food, helping families and individuals who are not able to afford a proper meal every day. This is a great achievement and I thank all the employees involved for their generosity.

This initiative relies on the solidarity and goodwill of our employees, which has been demonstrated in several Corporate Social Responsibility projects Amadeus has set up in our offices across the world. You can read more about these projects here, or find out more about our CSR framework here.


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