Amadeus e-Travel Management gets sleek new workflow design and mobile app

Jean-Noel Lau Keng Lun

Head of Product Management Corporate, Services and Security, Amadeus IT Group

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18 months ago, we embarked on redesigning the user interface and equipping it with a new mobile booking app. Now, we are live!


It is a rare delight to announce something that will positively impact, even slightly, the work of several million people, at over 6,000 corporations in 59 countries. Those are the valued users of our corporate travel booking tool, Amadeus e-Travel Management.

When we started the journey, we set out to streamline the booking processes, making it intuitive, smarter and faster. We aimed for a cool look and feel, close to what everyone is used to on popular travel websites. The idea: the easier everything was, the better the immediate acceptance, hence less change management needed, hence lower business process costs...

We used a unique agile software design process, engaging  our dear software geeks, travel managers, sales force, and most importantly, of course, travellers and arrangers…It was an exhilarating ride to coordinate ideas from everywhere, to challenge every month what we had just delivered, when reality checks showed that there were indeed betters ways. So, thank you Johan for insisting that button was to be there, Jaqi for your search box idea, Jean-Pierre for re-doing that gif image 8 times…thank you everyone…

So, we are already getting great feedback. It’s the first time we have ever received pink hearts in customer emails …

One more thing, the mobile booking (air and rail) app is currently in beta testing mode in Scandinavia. It will be generally available to users (on iPhone and Android) soon.

The new Amadeus e-Travel Management UI and mobile booking tool will be demoed at the Amadeus booth at the ACTE Global Education Conference in Rome from October 14-16 – so please stop by and check it out.

In the meantime – have a look at this video tour.


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