Amadeus CEO Luis Maroto earns recognition for fostering strong company culture

Sabine Hansen Peck

Senior VP, Human Resources, Communications & Branding, Amadeus IT Group

In today’s business world, people and culture are the only true competitive advantages. Everything else can be copied, but culture cannot. That’s why I was incredibly proud this week to see our CEO Luis Maroto recognised by Spain’s leading financial newspaper, Expansión, as the nation’s best CEO for his support of a strong company culture.

award picture


Amadeus CEO Luis Maroto receives the Expansión award from Spanish Minister of Employment and Social Security Fátima Báñez.

Amadeus is a company which is present in more than 190 countries, with over 123 nationalities, speaking 56 languages. Our people are the most valuable asset we have and as such, we place a strong value on our people, communication and culture.

Corporate Initiatives

A few examples of  our corporate initiatives in this arena include global engagement surveys, talent management,award winning share match plans , leadership programs with the world’s leading universities and innovative gamification tools. This has led to being recognised bytop employer certifications , inclusion inthe DJSI as well asawards for industry leading investment in R&D.

Candidates for the Expansion awards are nominated by a group of HR directors, consultants and head-hunters who, anonymously, select nominees that are subsequently voted on by a panel of experts. In previous years this award went to the CEOs of companies such as Bankia, Siemens, BBVA, Bankinter, Mercadona, and Inditex.

A recognition like this is only possible if the CEO also walks the talk and fosters a strong, healthy culture, and I commend Luis for doing just that.

For more information about our recognitions, please visit the Amadeus Awards section.