At Amadeus we believe the future of travel will be more connected

Anna Kofoed

Global Head of Travel Content Sourcing, Amadeus IT Group

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I am Danish and I travel back to Denmark 3-4 times a year from my home in Madrid. Denmark is a small country, but I have family and friends on both the west and east coasts of Denmark, so I typically have to travel via train, bus, and boat during the course of one journey. Today, no single provider connects the experience seamlessly. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if there were unforeseen circumstances such as a flight delay – in which case I would lose my tickets for the remaining part of the journey with no easy way to rebook. The travel industry needs to connect different modes of transportation much better and I as a traveller need to be empowered with connected mobile tools while on my trip.

We are passionate about travel and most of us travel a lot for both business and leisure. So, when we started brainstorming across the company about what we think the future will look like, it did not take us long to come up with words like; seamless, smooth, and hassle free. Based on our own experiences, debates with industry players and traveller research carried out by Amadeus with NextGen travellers, active seniors, and business travellers, we believe travellers expect the future of travel to be more connected – in addition to more personalized and sustainable.

What does this mean?

Where have we come from?

If we take a look back, we have actually already started connecting the travel industry. This is what Amadeus has been all about since we were founded; we were created as a company to connect airlines and soon after other travel providers with travel agencies. Amadeus has facilitated the connection between airlines in their alliances and joint ventures and we have connected airlines, OTAs and meta search companies with travellers through our ecommerce solutions. However, there is no doubt that we need to create more connections between travel industry players.

What is Amadeus doing today to connect the travel experience of tomorrow? 

It is Amadeus’ ambition to shape the future of travelby working with our customers and partners to facilitate the entire travel journey from door-to-door. This will take collaboration between all the players in the industry; we will have to think holistically to be successful.

We already have a number of initiatives which we think will help take the industry to the next level of connectivity:

  • We are connecting airports with airlines
  • We are working with the European Union to define what intermodal travel should look like
  • We are enabling comparison ofair and rail travel
  • We are connecting travellers with ‘in travel’ information via mobile apps
  • We have social media tools to connect travel agencies to their customers
  • Through our ventures we are investing in companies like Cabifythat deliver limousine service from airports
  • We are providing travellers with real-time traveller reviews

In the coming months, we will be talking about what a connected future looks like and what we are doing to support this need in the industry.

What do you think is important to connect the travel experience in the future? Let us know by voting in our polland watch this space for many more insights on this increasingly important topic.


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